IBM Health Corps

We bring our talent and expertise to address the various health challenges. Our
data driven solutions can make a big impact in healthcare.

Our Services

Harness Data

We bring our expertise in data, analytics and artificial challenge to get deeper insights into the various public health issues.

Engage Communities

Our team of IBMers engage with communities around the world to address the problems identified and chosen by these communities.

Transform Health

Our technology solutions can help to greatly improve the quality of healthcare.

Global Pro-Bono Program

Tackling Health Disparities

We help improve health services and outcomes. We make sure everyone has access to healthcare.

IBM Health Corps is just what the many healthcare systems all around the world need. Their data driven solutions can change the face of healthcare.
Eddie Beck
In a world that is increasingly becoming powered by technology, it is time for healthcare to catch up. The analytics and AI provided by IBM Health Corps can quickly solve some very persistent problems in healthcare.
Lucile White
I enjoyed collaborating with IBM Health Corps. It was an immensely fruitful experience and I believe that IBM’s technology solutions is just what the world needs.
John Newcomer

IBM Cognitive Tools And Analytics

With our sophisticated tools and analytics, our partner organizations can greatly improve health access and services.

Unlocking The Power Of Data

Having access to all the relevant healthcare data has never been this easier.

Improve Health Outcomes

Our technologies can help create a more equitable healthcare for communities around the world.

Help Eliminate
Health Disparities

Our team of IBM experts devote all their team and expertise to tackle the various health disparities

Deliver Lasting Change Across Globe

Our top talent and cognitive technologies can deliver enduring results.

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